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recycled logoServing Nashville and greater middle Tennesee, we provide low cost computer and technology solutions that every one can afford.  Most of our products are recycled from corporate use.  We refurbish these items to be like new, and re-sell them to the general public or for wholesale purposes.  Please feel free to browse and shop our product area.



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The site is slowly growing.  It now have FAQ's in the support section and a monthly special under the products page.  We have also added a wholesale list to the products page.  Stay tuned for more great updates!

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If you have old dead computers just laying around... why not have them recycled.  Uplo sales offer Computer reycling services for greatter Nashville..  Contact us to bring us your dead or old technology equipment. 

It is illegal to throw computers in the garbage.  If you are a business and have too much, we can pick it up for free (excluding crt monitors).  See our recycle tab for more information!



Check out this months specialGreat Windows 10 desktop computers starting at only $119!  Look on the products page under monthly special for detailed specs.

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